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..especially those in, and applying in any University of the Philippines campus.

So was the last day for enrollment in UP Diliman, and since I pretty much didn't get anything done yesterday, I rushed things today~..

Anyway, last step is let me show you this first.

Here is Vinzon's Hall in UPD. It's where most offices are in, including the OSSS or Office of the Student Scholarships and Services, where I need to go because I need to apply for a loan because, well...I can't pay full tuition just like that.

Here's a rough sketch on the first floor. The red line dots represent the line too the OSSS. One that I must wait in. Yeeeaahh...the drawing is not very accurate at all. Anyway, just so you have a view~.

Here's a sketch of the second floor.

And finally, the third.

And here's a sketch of how I swore my face twisted upon seeing that line.

. . . .
Yeah...I'm asking that but I know the answer anyway.:iconspartalolplz:

It's because of the Tuition Fee increase masked by the flawed STFAP (Socialized Tution Fee Assistance Program). Quickie, the STFAP is supposed to be designed as the "rich" students the ones paying higher tuitions to support the "poor" students who'll pay lower to none tuition.

When I was just in high school the idea of STFAP seemed so revolutionary (for a lack of better wording). It's like an ideal communism, the rich helps poor and they get the same assets or whatever.

But after more than a year in UP, when I was supposed to be paying only P600 pesos a unit but I was put in the "millionaire's bracket" of P1500 per unit, I have come to terms that the STFAP is indeed ideal communism. Emphasis on IDEAL because it can only exist in an ideal world.

The idea is that the poor student A, will pay, let's say...P300/unit for this enrollment, but then he has to apply for STFAP re-bracketing, papers here and there, and then you have to wait...but of course you still have to pay up first if you want to study because the waiting for the results of STFAP re-bracketing lasts for months. And then that result finally comes, you're hoping you'll get assigned to a lower per unit bracket but then no.....They put you in the millionaire's bracket.

Yeah...that's just my view for the STFAP, here's their FAQ.

okay...okay...Before I start rambling on flawed national budgeting and stuff, I should probably say why it affects just about any Filipino student here. Well, they're planning on using STFAP in every state universities and colleges remaining here in the Philippines.:D

So sucks to you...the line for OSSS will only get longer....and longer unless by some miracle the government approves on the full proposed Educational budget instead of spending them on military and stuff.

Good for you, if you're still reading this part...

So when I was in the bus going back here in the city, I was determined to quit Anakbayan, my organization full of hot-headed activists. It was so I could just, use my weekends on art stuff, tumblr, and if I'm at it...studying~..

I thought, my life was good~! My pops has a high-paying job, my grades are awesome, I have a pretty good internet life, who gives a damn about RL social life anymore. In life is awesome enough, and I'm not asking for more. :D

But then, seeing that freakin' long line of students, waiting their turn, in desperation to get quality education that was once easily accessible for every social and economic class; I got reminded of why I, about 14 months ago, went in that very same building for Anakbayan's orientation lecture, as an applicant.

14 months ago, I was there because I wanted to draw. Draw and show the world both the beauty and ugliness of our world and hopefully, get them to join Anakbayan too show them that there is hope for a better society~..

And then, I saw my comrade just when I was about to leave the building, she invited me to join some group discussion, I declined because I was starving but I said, "I'll see you dudes in the weekend~!"

I just got back my internet today so I'm sorry it's late but the assignments for the Secret Santa event will be sent to you Friday~.

Advanced Merry Christmas dudes~!!
misschocoholic Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Things are pretty much the same in Indonesia

I dunno about our local universities but similar situation (albeit a little different) happens in elementary to high school.

My mom always become a member of POMG (student's parents organization [I don't know how to call it in English]) and she always helps the school to interview applicants and coordinate things. There is this one time when she's helping at my kindergarten for interview those who apply for elementary school (it's a private school by the way). There was this one mother, she said, cried dramatically that she can't pay the tuition.

Here's how things goes in my school: if you're in middle or low class, you will pay at least Rp 200,000 ($20) once a month and for upper class, you'll pay Rp 500,000 to 1 million Rupiah. The upper class pay that amount to help other students from low-middle class. It's like STFAP but more serious and no nonsense. Thanks to this, many students can enroll in my school (one of them is my junior, her father is the janitor in our school).

Anyway back to the story. This mom wants for her kid's tuition to be at the lowest. My mom don't give it to her and so she bawled and exit the room with red eyes and shits. Later on during break, my mom's friends asks her interview. She told the story and one of her friend recognized the name.

"Her husband have a salary more than Rp 50,000,000 once a month and he's an executive in this coorperation"

I was like :iconwthplz: when I hear the story

Also, there are some controversy over here. Since a couple years ago, public school become free, gratis. But students still have to pay for field trip and such. Kinda contradicting isn't it?


Sorry for the sudden, long blabber of mine :iconsweatdropplz:

I really want to join activist group but I'm so shy in RL... Good for you! :iconthumbsupplz:
TheJeluMan Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Its more complicated when you study law in England.
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